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New York, 2017 – a profusion of artworks at the Volta Art Fair staged on the huge Hudson River fair piers.The booth of Meno Parkas catches the piercing glance of the writer and art critic Esther Harrison from Berlin. A gallery from a small country, namely Lithuania, which, by the way, is the geographical centre of Europe. For this country, Lithuania that is, 2018 is the year of celebrating the 100th anniversary of its restored independence. Yet Lithuania is not a very familiar or commonly known country it seems, and some could even be easily convinced it lies in Africa.

Being a successful working and engaging part of the global art world means mostly being recognized, identified beyond your yard. It means having to be present at well-visited exhibitions, projects, art fairs, teaming up with other professionals – and not only from the arts, but from other areas as well. To post, to be reposted, to be tagged or even just to appear in the background of a selfie.

Being written about, however, is by far most appreciated acknowledgement.

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