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Artist whisperer Esther Harrison — the founder of Coeur et Art  — thinks that art is the true global language.

The German-born English art writer has gained her first grounds barefoot in the pathless woods in Bavaria, squatting and raving through the ’90s in Berlin and, more recently, during several stays on the hills of the Favelas in Rio de Janeiro. When in Brazil she also picked up her abiding passion for contemporary Latin American art, notably the Carioca art scene in Rio de Janeiro.

Known for her empowering sense of self-expression reminiscent of her time promoting in the music industry in the 2000s years she perfectly delineates the unruly aesthetic charm of her hometown.

„Authenticity is always my top priority.“

As a natural communicator, she creates an honest and open environment in which relationships between contemporary artists, organisations, and art lovers may flourish. Regardless if she works for a large company as in the past for DEAG, a leading provider of live entertainment in Europe, or as more recently with individual artists and as the former Editor-in-Chief of ARTBerlin, her work approach is always characterised by passion, empathy, and joy.

– Text by Tanja Siren

You can reach her at: esther@coeuretart.com


My background includes over 10 years of experience in marketing communication and promoting artistes and artists.

I started writing as a teenager and picked it up again in 2011; never stopped since.

You want to be featured on my blog Coeur et art ?

In need for authentic commissioned writing in the fields of art, portraits, culture and current societal movements?

Just drop me an an email and we talk about it.

Since last year I have been researching the influence of augmented reality on the arts and have begun collaborating and co-curating the European side of the Coordinates[1] project, launched by the multi-disciplinary artist and founder of 4th Wall, Nancy Baker Cahill

Furthermore, I offer talks on free writing and provide consulting services on social media optimization, external communication, press & pr in the arts.

In my writing and consulting, I seek to take the approach of an art mediator.

[1]  Coordinates is a new, ongoing, collaborative public AR art exhibition that exists on 4th Wall and invites the viewer to be physically present at specific locations. This project was created out of the desire to use technology as a subversive form of resistance, aims to inspire thoughtful dialogue and expand our understanding of public art. 


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Interview Magazin | RIO PHYSICS: Kunst und Leben zwischen Favela und Strand!

Als ich 2013 das erste Mal hoch in die Favela Pavão-Pavãozinho fuhr, die genau über der Copacabana liegt, war es Samstagnacht und wir waren gerade aus Berlin…

Selected Publications for ARTBerlin


„Esther is one of Berlin´s finest journalists for art & culture in Berlin“
Mia Florentine Weiss, Artist

„A talented writer Esther went deeply into my motivations and I love that in an interviewer“
Linda Troeller, Artist

„Having been immersed in the world of art for years, and as someone who writes exquisitely, sensitively and passionately about it, she is what we artists consider “one of us,” – which is to say, we share a conceptual and aesthetic shorthand. Esther is what we call in America, a “do-er.” She doesn’t just talk about ideas—she puts them in motion.“
Nancy Baker Cahill, Artist

„Sie denkt anders. Und fragt anders. Deswegen schreibt sie auch anders. Ohne Umschweife kommt sie zum Punkt, dringt direkt zu den Kernfragen vor – und das alles mit grossem Respekt und Feingefühl für die Situation sowie einer leibhaft spürbaren Freude an ihrer eigenen Arbeit.“
Susanne und Claus Rottenbacher, Artist Couple

„Interview Termine mit Esther Harrison sind spannend und lebendig . Mit ihrem großen Interesse an der Geschichte einer Person und ihrem feinsinnigen Gespür für das Wesentliche fühlt man sich in professionellen Händen und freut sich auf das Ergebnis.“
Andrea von Götz und Schwanenfliess, VGS Art

„Esther ist eine sehr angenehme freie Mitarbeiterin, die auf konstant hohem Niveau gute Arbeit abliefert.“
Christian Fischer, Publisher Piranha Media GmbH


Telefon: 0151 6188 3583
E-Mail: esther@coeuretart.com